Since 2012 Ragusa Foto Festival has worked as a desire "incubator" for young photographers, as a platform where they could learn from others as much as see their creativity appreciated. This year we decided to dedicate the 9th edition to desire, a real motivation that often guides our choices. Desire is the spring of our actions and often guides our choices. Desires reflect and express needs but they also go further and transcend the dimension of necessity. The latter is in fact fueled by a deficiency or a weakness of the present that needs to be filled, cared for, satisfied. We need to drink or eat, or event to work. The need feeds on shortcomings, gaps, voids to be filled. Desire, however, can project itself into the future, seize aspirations, goals, ideals. While the need has no dream with it and its horizon are expectations already known, learned, already experienced, to be found or replicated, desire instead goes beyond what is already known and metabolized. Therefore desire often does not have a precise form and escapes the boundaries.

In the era of social media, instant communication, freedom measured by purchasing power, there is a feeling that our desires are often addressed, manipulated, piloted, induced or anticipated on the basis of calculations, algorithms, interpolations. All this deprives the intellect of perspective by relegating it to an executive function. An eclipse of the mind. The desire, therefore, becomes myopic and often results in a simultaneous, short, almost insignificant fulfillment. Like a shot of virtual pleasure, of little value. This creates dependence, addiction, and push us far away, to the point of forgetting what is essential as the care of our existence and that of our fellows. So desires take on the face of distraction, whim, escape from our own nature.

What if the desire was above all the conservation of our species, our environments, our dignity, our possibility of being there? What if it rose again as a quest for meaning, an opportunity to lift humanity, to boost life for real and in all its nuances?

Due to the emergency COVID-19 the organization of the Festival adopted some measures and changes to the time schedule.

The Festival will have a preview on 24-25-26 July 2020, while the main programming will take place in the summer of 2021 and will be preceded during the year by a plurality of cultural initiatives.

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