Progetto Caritas

Presidio Project, in collaboration with PERIMETRO and Caritas diocesana of Foggia

Since 2021 Caritas Italiana has welcomed Ragusa Foto Festival's initiative to visually narrate the daily life of foreign workers who despite living on the margins of our communities, are an active part of the development of our territories and represent a universe that cannot always be summarized in clichés. Since 2014, Progetto Presidio of Caritas Italiana, distributed in different areas of the country, has been committed to assisting immigrants through a system of legal, health and labor assistance to help them integrate into the communities in which they live.
This year, for the third edition, we are telling the Presidio of Puglia, and thanks to the precious support of the international platform Perimetro e Caritas diocesan of Foggia, a group of young immigrants were able to participate in the workshop led by two professional photographers, Arianna Arcara and Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, to learn how to tell their stories through photography, and show their normal routines and express their dreams, fears and their vision of the world.