Never as in the recent past, we felt the need to return to our places of belonging. To measure up to this opportunity, Ragusa Foto Festival has chosen to involve the eyes of the people who live in the Hyblean territory.

In an increasingly global world, the reference to our homeland is a current phenomenon, not necessarily "regressive". It invites us to rediscover present identities and historical roots, almost as if they were a certainty from which to start again. The spaces of everyday life, often lived before the pandemic without too much attention, during the lockdown they became less obvious and fed a desire for re-appropriation.

The whole province of Ragusa thanks to its sensations and atmospheres is strongly attractive, and decisively marks the human experience of those who meet it, even if only for once. Therefore we believe it is important to open up the story, to those who live in this area, that love it and fill it with life. To those who have the desire to document their own places of value. We want to build a plural image of this land made of looks and words to be posted around the cities and shared on the Festival channels. Each image is an opportunity for knowledge that becomes everyone's through the Festival, starting with the preview days (from 24th through 26th July 2020) and, later, during the year full of initiatives that await us.

How to participate

Joining is simple and there are no age restrictions! Just take a photograph by any means of Ragusa and lands that make up its province. The aim is to portray a significant place, even if unpublished or little known, and share it together with a short comment.

Images, preferably in good resolution, are welcome at: info@ragusafotofestival.com
The first deadline is July 14, 2020.