In continuity with the previous edition dedicated to the theme of desire, the tenth anniversary Ragusa Foto Festival questions the concept of harmony, overwhelmingly urgent and which invites us to multidisciplinarity and collaboration to face the new challenges and complexities of the present.
Always identified with beauty, accord, peace, unity, harmony is also made interesting by dissonance, by the element of variation, of differentiation. Art like photography can express desire, the will of an agreement, and represent the search for a balance between opposites. Artistic creativity is capable of messing up habits creating new unpredictable orders.
For the ancient Greeks, the term harmony expressed the meaning of connection, conjuncture, agreement. Harmony identified with the Mediterranean Sea, a bridge between the shores of civilization, a symbol of the perennial proximity of human beings, different and at the same time equal. Among the world's wealthiest areas in terms of historical and artistic stratification.
To celebrate the tenth anniversary, the Festival, therefore, wishes to welcome projects and visions capable of creatively representing opportunities for meaning and the possibility of reconciliation between the multiple challenges of society. This assumption does not necessarily mean the absence of contrasts or conflicts but to keep an open mind to the common good.
The 2022 edition includes many initiatives that can help us reflect on contemporary emergencies, promoting dialogue, knowledge, entertainment, and sharing opportunities. The coexistence between the search for well-being, the fear of uncertainty, and technology's uncontrolled impetus. Cohabitation between peoples, minorities, and ethnic groups. The reduction of inequalities through the emancipation of roles and the inclusion of social partners. The environmental crisis and the growing unhealthiness of the planet. These are just some of the overwhelming emergencies that photography, with its immediacy and accessibility, helps to face.