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Steve Bisson

Executive Direction
Stefania Paxhia

Ferdinando Scianna, Cento Fotografie dedicate alla famiglia
Sam Harris, The Middle of Somewhere
David Chancellor, Handle Like Eggs
Yvonne De Rosa, Hidden Identities
Lisa De Boeck & Marilene Coolens, Memymom
Julia Kater, What Where
Daniel Coburn, The Hereditary State
Emilia R. Pizzonia, The Body of Jane (Portfolio Award 2018)

Group Exhibitions
a journey into the plurality of family definitions. Projects selected in collaboration with Urbanautica Institute:
Angelo Anzalone, Die Zeit
Claudia Corrent, Per te, per ricordarti spesso
Alessandra Dragoni, Stato di famiglie
Nicola Di Giorgio, Indefinito Spazio
Loulou d’Aki, Mother of Choice (Sweden)
Paola Fiorini, Do ut Des
Raquel Bravo Iglesias, Berocoan (Spain)
Mascha Joustra, My sweet little phenotype (Netherlands)
Kovi Konowiecki, Delivering Flowers to Grandpa Jack (USA)
Laura Lafon, Je ne veux plus vous voir (mais c’est provisoire) (France)
Paolo Mazzo, Le case Olivetti di Ivrea
Lorena Morin, Je rest avev vous (Spain)
Sina Niemeye, für mich (Germany)
Misha Pipercic, Once When We Were Happy (Bosnia)
John David Richardson, Someday I’ll Find the Sun (USA)
Enrico Sisti, Sugar for my cup of coffee
Merve Terzi, It flies, invisible (Turkey)
Emily Wiethorn, Love You More (USA)
Fulvia Bernacca, Sereno omaggio a Edmondo Bernacca

A group installation that explores the possible geographies of visual language to reason about the macroscopic use of images and the consequent impacts on society. Including:
Andrea Buzzichelli, Resurrection
Stefano Parrini, Fail
Giovanni Presutti, The Era of Beyond Truth
Eric Souther, Search Engine Vision Christ (USA)

Piero Sabatino, La Pelle della Bellezza

Critics and Reviewers
Alessandra Capodacqua
Yvonne De Rosa
Donata Pizzi
Carlo Bevilacqua
Sam Harris

Portfolio Award
Alessandro Scattolini
Daniele Vita
Francesco di Robilant e Anna La Rosa


Collision Routes

Collision Routes

Cum-ledere, or the collision and consequent damage to two elements. With a leading role in the Mediterranean context, for centuries Sicily has been the pivot and center of traffic, migration, and conflict. It is precise to the theme of conflict that we turn our gaze to address the issue of violence and confrontation, the wounds and lacerations produced on the social and cultural textures, scars and traces inflicted on a territory. Far from a shocking attitude and spectacularization of the theme, the intent is to promote a conscious memory, capable of dealing with collective traumas and removals. Thus generating new memory, and with it new light, in the direction of unity, a whole that considers wealth the diversity of the parts that make it up. So that the Sicilian sun does not blind the view, nor does it burn the wings of Icarus, but returns to being light that illuminates and disinfects.

Paola Binante
Marcelo Cabrera
Alessandro Carrer

Laia Abril, Lobis Muller
Tommaso Bonaventura, Alessandro Imbriaco, Fabio Severo, Immediate Surrondings
Pavlos Fisakis, Nea Helvetia
Donata Pizzi, Zero Intolerance
Sandra Vitaljić, Infertile grounds
Pasqua Vorgia, Depression Era Collective (Projection)

Group Exhibitions
Spazio Fotocopia curated by Magazzini Fotografici
Territori di formazione, collettiva giovani talenti, Schools: Isia, Aba Ct, BO e Brera

Critics and Reviewers
Paola Binante
Yvonne De Rosa
Pavlos Fisakis
Pasqua Vorgia

Portfolio Award
Emilia R. Pizzonia
Salvo Alibrio (Mention)

curated by Mario Cresci


The Metamorphosis of the Territory

The Metamorphosis of the Territory

The sixth edition turns its gaze beyond the Mediterranean to devote itself to the metamorphoses of different territories of the planet provoked by behaviors that endanger humanity on a daily basis. Although the outlines of the problem are known, only in recent years a more acute sensitivity with respect to the need for a true alliance between man and the environment has matured. In this scenario, visual communication plays a central role in denouncing the disastrous effects of climate change and contemporary lifestyles in the world, not only in terms of the consumption of resources but also on human rights, knowledge, and ability to do. The projects on display show what is already happening with an emphasis on the urgency of intervening as soon as possible.

Marcelo Cabrera
Fabio Florio
Roselena Ramistella

Andrea Alessio, Un Natural Bestiary
Peter Bauza, Copacabana Palace
Guia Besana, Poison
Francesco Zizola, The dark side of the (honey) moon

Group Exhibitions
Climate Smart Evolution, mostra di apertura della Cop 21, Parigi 2015
curata da Hossein Farmani fondatore della Lucie Foundation
Territori di formazione, collettiva delle scuole Isia, Aba Ct, BO
Autori: Piergiorgio Sorgetti, Mattia Parodi, Caterina Iiriti, Vanessa Lucchetti, Andrea Lopetrone, Igor Londero

Critics and Reviewers
Paola Binante
Enrico Bossan
Benedetta Donato
Paolo Verzone

Portfolio Award
Giuseppe Iannello, Gibellina ’68, Otto minuti dopo le tre
Fabio Itri, Scomparsi/Their bodies will never be found (Menzione)
Maddalena Migliore, Rise Up! (Menzione)
Claudio Majorana, Head of the Lion (Menzione)

Slideluck, Maria Teresa Salvati


The Language of the Land

The Language of the Land

The fifth edition of the festival aims to build a visual story of the Mediterranean area that, through the different languages of photography, associates cultural diversity with the transformations that affect the area. Here, the word language takes on a double meaning. On the one hand as a mode of artistic expression, on the other, it is a tool for reporting the messages that the territory communicates.

Giorgio Barrera
Stefania Paxhia

Olivo Barbieri, Seascape
Tony Andrè, Palmira
Moira Ricci, Da buio a buio
Nicolò Degiorgis, Hidden Islam
Nikolas Ventouralis, The Banality of the Avant-Garde
Collettiva studenti Accademia Belle Arti di Catania curate da Rosario Antoci, Caos in LOGOS
Alterazioni Video, Incompiuto Ibleo

Tributo a Mario Dondero

Critics and Reviewers
Daniele De Luigi, curator and teacher
Renata Ferri, IoDonna 

Flavio Franzoni, Micamera 

Giulia Zorzi, Micamera

L’autoproduzione del libro, Bruno Cheschel
Workshop Multidisciplinare di Turbo Progettazione, Alterazioni Video




The largest island in the Mediterranean becomes part of a larger whole, an exceptional place that speaks for itself as well as the sea and the countries that surround it, the past and above all the present. The photographic documentation proposes a visual journey that ranges from the early precious images of the history of photography, told by the images of the first travelers who came down from Northern Europe with their notebooks and watercolor sketchbooks, to topical photojournalism and contemporary investigations.

Roberto Mutti
Mariachiara Di Trapani
Stefania Pahxia

Gabriele Basilico, Iran 1970
Letizia Battaglia, Diario
Mario Cresci, Prendersi il tempo
Davide Monteleone e Francesco Zizola, Abbandoni
Alessandro Penso, Lost Generation
Dal Vesuvio all’Etna, uomo e natura nella fotografia fin de siècle
Francesca Volpi, Best Ucraina (Portfolio Award 2014)

Salvo Buffa, Hasankeyf the drowning village (Portfolio Award 2014)

Francesco Francaviglia, Donne del digiuno (Portfolio Award 2014)

OFF Section
curated by Paola Binante e Lucia Miodini
Gruppo “Renvois”, ISIA Urbino e Accademia delle Belle Arti di Bologna,
 Javier Marcelo Cabrera – Ragusa, Sonia Magi – Pesaro, Kimberley Ossani – Berlino, Peppe Perfetto – Napoli, Andrea Scarfò – Scicli, Confini d’acqua
Accademia delle Belle Arti di Catania students group show, Uno sguardo sul Mediterraneo

Critics and Reviewers
Emilio D’Itri, Officine Fotografiche
Lina Pallotta, photographer and teacher
Laura Incardona, indipendent curator
Mario Peliti, curator and collector
Alessandro Penso, photographer

Portfolio Award
Marzia Trovato
Melissa Carnemolla

Il ritratto tra storytelling e fine art, Roberta Tocco
La gestione della luce nel ritratto, Marcello Bocchieri
Laboratorio di fotografia per bambini, Manuela Vargetto


Say Do Eat

Say Do Eat

In 1827 Nicéphore Niepce made in heliography what can be considered one of the first photographic images in history. The subject was a well-laid table with a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine that represented the presence of food. Ancient is, therefore, the union that links photography to food, producing over time images of great beauty and seductive flair. The authors involved in the exhibitions and meetings are important exponents of the history of contemporary photography, well-known professionals, and young talents. All together they challenge with their own point of view the main topic of the Expo Milano 2015 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life'.

Roberto Mutti
Stefania Paxhia

Nino Migliori, La morte della natura
Maurizio Galimberti, La Vucciria
Silvia Amodio, Deo Gratias
Carmen Mitrotta, Death Foods for New Worlds
Umberto Agnello, Organica
Raul Iacometti, Botteghe
Carlo Giunta , Sguardi Appetibili
Daniele Cascone, Remembrance
Oss#3, Hunger
Orazio Di Mauro, La speranza non deve essere mai abbandonata (Portfolio Award 2013)
Turiana Ferrara, Il fiume del sale (Portfolio Award 2013)

Critics and Reviewers
Emilio D’Itri, Fotoleggendo
Maurizio Garofalo, photo editor 

Marco Pinna, National Geographic
Chiara Oggioni Tiepolo, Mediaset

Portfolio Award
Salvatore Buffa, Hasankeyf: il villaggio che affoga

Francesca Volpi, Est Ukraina

A Personal Distance, Davide Monteleone

Progettazione editoriale, autoprodurre il proprio fotolibro, M. Rosaria Digregorio

Fotografia analogica in bianco e nero, Angelo Camillieri
Still life nella fotografia food, Carlo Giunta


Southern Light: Living in Catastrophe

Southern Light: Living in Catastrophe

Despite the diversity of races, cultures and religions that sink from the Mediterranean to the vastness of Africa, an identical way of life is shaping the existence of the populations that live there. Animated by this awareness, photographers focus on the real shape of contemporary humanity. The images reveal the sensitive, often invisible, stories that every day weave the present of every man in the world: the irremediable event of the earthquake in the suspended city of L'Aquila, the contemplative appearance of the infinite of the sea among the desolate buildings of the Mediterranean islands, the consoling scenes of daily life in Angola, the industrious dignity that emerges from the slums of Nairobi, the tragedy of war and pollution that brings oil to the Niger delta.

Giovanni Chiaramonte
Stefania Paxhia

Gabriele Basilico, Prologo delle esposizioni
Mario Dondero, La Spagna al tempo di Franco
Giuseppe Leone, Identità Siciliana
Franco Mascolo, Isole del Mediterraneo
Silvia Morara, Nulla accade, tutto accade in Angola
Michele Nastasi, Città sospesa. L’Aquila
Filippo Romano, Atlante del Ghetto: Nairobi
Ivo Saglietti, H2O: Delta del Niger
Melissa Carnemolla, L’oblio del quotidiano (Portfolio Award 2012)
Simone Sapienza, Fatih Belediyesi (Portfolio Award 2012)

Critics and Reviewers
Emilio D’Itri, Fotoleggendo
Marco Pinna, National Geographic
Roberto Mutti, La Repubblica
Ivo Saglietti, photographer

Portfolio Prize
Orazio Di Mauro
Turiana Ferrara


Sicily and Photography

Sicily and Photography

The first international photography event in Sicily was born in Ragusa, the most baroque city in Italy. Dedicated to the well-known author and publisher from Palermo Enzo Sellerio, the first edition opens by celebrating Sicilian photography with guests among the most important authors on the national and international scene and giving life to a three-day discussion and seminars followed by many young talents and enthusiasts. The doors of some of the most suggestive and representative buildings of the Hyblean Baroque Unesco heritage, the San Vincenzo Ferreri auditorium, the church of Santa Teresa and Palazzo Cosentini, are open to tourists and photographers.

Maurizio Garofalo
Stefania Paxhia

Enzo Sellerio, Motu proprio
Giovanni Chiaramonte, Dolce è la luce
Giuseppe Leone, Altri volti
Tano D’Amico, Il mio paese
Fausto Giaccone, Macondo – Il mondo di Gabriel García Márquez
Gianni Cipriano, Perfect – La più grande perfezione è l’imperfezione
Alfredo D’Amato, Early days of Spring
Mimì Mollica, En route to Dakar
Shobha Battaglia, Quando l’acido sfigura anche l’anima
Giovanni Verga, Giovanni Verga, scrittore e fotografo

Critics and Reviewers
Emilio D’Itri, Fotoleggendo
Tiziana Faraoni, L’Espresso
Maurizio Garofalo, photo editor
Roberto Mutti, La Repubblica
Eva Zamboni, photo editor

Portfolio Award
Simone Sapienza, Gente misteriosa
Melissa Carnemolla, Assilem
Domenico Cipollini, ANAS (Mention)